"With Judo Training at Home you will finally discover the footwork, timing and positioning drills needed to improve your Judo techniques in the comfort of your own home."

There is nothing worse than not being able to practice your Judo techniques because you couldn't make training due to work or familiy commitments. Drilling each of these movements on a regular basis will not only improve your Judo but also make you feel like you have never missed a training session.

With Judo at home you will learn:

  • Movement and positioning drills needed to successfully improve your throwing entry and speed

  • Learn how to effectively use uchikomi bands to improve your favourite Judo techniques

  • Discover how to use a wall in your house to practice throws such as Uchimata and Ouchi gari

  • Grow more confidence in your Newaza with simple, yet effective Newaza drills at home

  • Find out how to use Uchikomi bands in a way that will actually benefit your Judo opposed to destroying your technique

Who am I?

My name is Matt D’Aquino. I am a 3rd Degree Black belt, 2008 Beijing Olympian and founder of Beyond Grappling Fitness & Conditioning. I have been studying Judo for over 23 years and I practically live and breathe it.

I am proud to say that I am a professional Judo coach. Every spare minute I am writing articles for MMA Uncaged, teaching Judo to kids as well as elite level Judoka and I am passionate about helping people improve their Judo skills. instructional videos for the University of Judo or writing strength and conditioning programs for people who want to fight to the best of their ability.

I personally have enjoyed the benefits of doing Judo at Home, especially when I was off the mat for 12 months with a knee injury!

This video download is loaded with solo drills, exercises and movements that will help you to continually refine your Judo skills

Judo players all over the world struggle with actually 'turning in' on a resisting opponent. It is actually pretty hard. Using the drills and movements in Judo Training at Home you will be able to increase your understanding, balance and foot speed needed to generate a fast entry to almost any throw.

For only $47 you have access to over 60 minutes worth of video that is jam packed with exercises, drills and movements you can do to increase your Judo skills.

As a 2008 Olympian and international competitor I am a big believer in the use of Uchikomi bands unfortuantely everywhere I look I see so many people using a band that is too heavy, or too light or they are simply doing it wrong and are in fact destroying their technique.

In Judo training at home I will show you exactly how to use Uchikomi bands properly and effectively to make sure you get the most out of each and every training session.

I will also show you how to develop and understand your Judo through basic drills and movements and throughout the videos I discuss the sorts of strategies I did to help me throughout my Judo career.



Basic movement and posture analysis
Module #1

  • Movement and posture is so important when doing Judo. Movement helps assist in timing when to attack as well as how to evade your opponents techniques. Having your head up, hands up and hips forward is the basis to controlling not only your own posture, but your opponents as well.
    This module covers how to practice your footwork and be aware of your posture to help improve your entire Judo game.
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Static shadow Uchikomi
Module #2

  • Uchikomi is performed by every Judoka all over the world. It doesn't matter where you are from clubs will more often then not begin every session with static Uchikomi.

    In this module I go over some important aspects of Uchkomi that will ensure you get the most out of each and every repetition.

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Static wall drills
Module #3

  • One of the best pieces of training equipment at home is a wall. With a wall you can do a wide variety of things that will help your Judo game.

    Using a wall I will show you how to drill Ouchi gari and Uchimata so that when you perform Uchikomi and Nage komi in the dojo you will have a greater understanding of how to distances yourself from you opponent as well as how to pull them off balance.

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Moving Uchikomi
Module #4

  • This module is the most important module out of the entire Judo Training home series. This is due to the fact that moving Uchikomi is a great way for you to visualize and mimic the movements you want to do in Randori. You need to know how to throw your opponent while moving in circles - not just up and down a Judo mat! In this module I will teach you how to visualize your opponent and how to do a variety of techniques on the move.
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Newaza Drills to improve Judo
Module #5

  • Ne waza is something so many Judoka need to work on and the great thing about Ne Waza is that it is very easy to get good at. Positioning and awareness are two things needed to excel in Ne Waza.

    These drills are designed to increase your awarness on the ground as well as help you not get pinned, submitted or dominated on the ground.

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How to use Uchikomi bands
Module #6

  • This video download demonstrates the correct way effectively use Uchikomi bands. Matt demonstrates the theory behind the use of Uchikomi using bands as well as a few key points you need to look out for when using bands for positioning practice.

    This module is a must for anyone looking at using Uchikomi bands on a regular basis.

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Uchikomi band exercises
Module #7

  • This video download is jam-packed with exercises and movements that you can do with your Uchikomi band. In this module Matt demonstrates a variety of exercises you can perform using your Uchikomi band. From overhead presses to modified squats, Russian twists and shoulder flyes you can finally use your uchikomi band for more than just Uchikomi.

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Warm ups and general strength
Module #8

  • Before you exercise it is important to warm up your entire body. More importantly it is vital that you warm up the muscles needed for Judo.
    Follow these ballistic movements to warm yourself up or increase the intensity and get a cardiovascualr workout. The only resistance needed is your bodyweight - which is great for when you are training at home!

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Hatha Inspire Yoga - Standing Routine

Follow along with this 20 minute relaxing Hatha Yoga DVD download. In Part 1 you will go through a series of movements and positions in the standing position. This DVD download will increased your core strength, balance and joint stability.

After doing these exercises you will feel so relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Bonus #1
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Hatha Inspire Yoga - Kneeling Routine

In the second part of the Hatha Yoga video series you will complete a number of movements, stretches and positions that will increase the mobility and stability of your lower back, groin and hips.

This routine is great to do after a workouts at home or the gym.

Bonus #2

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6 Juji gatame attacks

This DVD download is jam-packed with 6 effective Juji gatame attacks that will have you submitting more people than ever before.

This DVD is a must for Judoka who want to compete in state, national or international competition

Bonus #3

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The Beginners Guide to Judo - Part 1 Tachi waza

This video download is loaded with in depth instructional videos of a variety of Judo techniques.

This video contains:

~ Judo Basics including how to fold you gi, tie your belt and grip your opponent

~ In depth look at Osoto Gari and how to do it properly and effectively

~ A great overview of Deashi barai and how to off balance your opponent to set up other attacks

~ Matt performs a super break down of Ipppn Seoi nage

~ and stacks more!

Bonus #4

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The Beginners Guide to Judo - Part 2 Newaza

Three of the four ways to win in Judo are in Newaza. This video contains:

~ Matt answers all your questions about how to hold your opponent in Tate shiho gatame

~ An in depth overview of Kesa gatame

~ Matt's favourite submissions including Juji gatame and Ude gatame

~ Osaekomi escapes

Bonus #5

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Basic Judo Combinations

Here are 5 Judo combinations that will get you better Included in this video download is 5 of Matt's favourite combinations including:

~ Ouchi gari into Ipppn Seoi Nage

~ Osoto gari into Ouchi gari

~ Sasae Tsuri komi ashi into Osoto gari

~ Ko soto gari into Osoto gari

~ Uchimata into Kouchi gari

Bonus #6



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